105 Ways to live life to the fullest


105 Ways to live life to the fullest

We all want to know the ways to live life to the fullest and happily. So, what exactly are the ways to live life to the fullest? We haven’t posted on this topic before. Lately, I have wanted to write on this topic. I have researched on it and thought deeply about it.  Then I  pointed out the aspects of life that we should emphasize more, some bad habits we should get rid of completely while some thoughts and daily good habits we should nurture and start from now.

Let us check out the ways to live life to the fullest listed by Snaild.


Be your best friend:

Know that you are a beautiful soul and you won’t settle for anything but the best. You are a beautiful soul. Know this. Know the inner beautiful person that you are. Nurturing and nourishing a good and healthy thought about yourself and being your best friend is important. Keep a healthy and happy relationship with your own self.


Accept people the way they are:

There are people around you, different people have different mindsets, backgrounds, lessons, values, perspectives, and ideas. One person is different from another. Siblings from the same parents turn out to be totally opposite from each other. Accept people as they are. You cannot turn them into something the way your mind likes them. Do not try to. Instead take them as they are, despite their flaws and things that you don’t like about them.


Nurture the habit of giving away:

The best love is to give away.

If you want to give something, give it away without the expectation of return. Suppose, you helped someone at some point in your life with good suggestions, monetary support, good advice, your valuable companionship… You cannot expect that they would return the same favor back to you. It does not happen all the time. Give from the bottom of your heart and do not expect any return. And definitely, don’t advertise your contribution and donation.


Accept yourself:

You are a human, not an angel and you are not cent percent flawless; no person is. You may have characteristics and features of you that you don’t like. There may be something about you that you would like to change. At some point in your life, you might have committed some serious mistakes or made some wrong decisions that you wish if you could go back in time and undo.  Let me tell you something. Don’t think too much. Accept what you cannot change; take yourself the way you are.


Make a positive list of your good sides, achievements, feel good memories and experiences:

What are your good sides? What are the features of yourself that make you feel happy about yourself? You may have a beautiful body or nice hair that you never noticed that you have. Maybe you receive plenty of compliments from friends and relatives for your flawless skin. When you talk to your close ones, your voice and pitch might have the ability to soothe their minds and souls? Or, maybe your hugs can release their tensions? Maybe there are qualities of you that you are not aware of or never thought about.

Make a list. You must have had achievements, feel good memories in your life that you are happy for. The moment you think of those achievements you have a smile in the corner of your lips. Make a list of those achievements. Make a list of the good memories that make you feel happy and grateful. It may be the first day of your bicycle ride, your graduation day, the day your father bought you a karaoke, the day you were promoted, the day your first baby was born. Keep the lists with you and see those often. This will remind you of your amazing blessings in your life. That moment you will feel life is a blessing.


Make a list of what you want to achieve:

There are probably things that you are yet to achieve. Goals that you want to reach. Make a list of those goals and what you want to achieve. See that list often. It will remind you of your goals and targets and the things that you want to achieve in your life.


Make a bucket list:

Make your own bucket list. “Bucket list is the list of the things people want to achieve before they kick the bucket”, I read it somewhere. it is the number of the things, experiences, and achievements people want to have before they die. So think of the things that you want to experience. Make a list of it. Go for it. One by one when you achieve those lists, cross or check the items. You will feel a great sense of accomplishment.


Determine your values and principles:  

You must have values, principles that build you up and make you who you are and what you are. Know your values, what you stand for. Know your basic principles.


Do not over criticize own self:  

You can make mistakes because you are a human. it is not unusual for you to make mistakes. You cannot be hundred percent perfect and flawless. While you should time and again be a self-critique, know yourself and be accountable and responsible to your own conscience for your actions; it is high time you decided not to over judge yourself and ruin your own peace. It is okay to make mistakes sometimes, take it easy. Accept that you are not flawless. Your peace is precious.


Encourage yourself:

Do positive self-talks. Encourage yourself with motivational talks that make you feel better and boost your mental energy.


Do unpredictable stuff sometimes: 

Do something sometimes unpredictable and impromptus. Don’t always be predictable. You love rain. Suddenly it starts raining. Don’t think a lot. Go out and enjoy the rain. Life is too short to be predictable all the time.


Push yourself out of your comfort zone:

Comfort zone stunts growth. Get out of your comfort zone. Push yourself to go off your limit, beyond the horizon.


Have realistic goals:

Make sure your goals are realistic and attainable in the first place.


Accept vulnerability:

You   cannot  be  strong  all  the  time  and  it  is  okay.


Enjoy the journey of life:

Life is a journey, do not expect the journey to end. Often we forget that the maximum fun of the journey is in continuing it rather than reaching the destination. Meanwhile, enjoy the sightseeing and all the fun during the entire time. For example,  what do we do on a train journey to the seaside? Do we only keep waiting for the journey to end, so we can enjoy the sea?  No. We enjoy every bit of it; the sound of the engine, we eat, take a short nap, get off at the stations to buy a water bottle and chips packets. Sometimes we walk in between the compartments for refreshment. We take a break and enjoy the air that comes through the window. Then we may take a bus. We meanwhile have our breakfast from roadies’ restaurants. We enjoy the beautiful green trees on both sides of the road while little by little we get closer to the destination. And then, a time comes when we see the beautiful blue waterline from far and we know that we are soon to arrive at our destination.  Life is like that. While you go on, be conscious, enjoy the beautiful journey that it is, enjoy every part of it.


Maintain a diary or journal:

Write down your thoughts.  To do it, the best way is to maintain a  diary. Besides writing down your thoughts, about your daily life, your ideas you can write about. If you write it down in a diary, you can save those for later. *Write down your ideas and implement those as early as you can: You may have plenty of business and goal related ideas that come to your head and roam around here and there like thought clouds. Instead of letting them roam in your head, put those down on paper and pen. Or you will forget those. Organize your thoughts in written form and when you implement your ideas, check them one by one.


Surround yourself with highly positive people who motivate your growths:

People who are around you most of the time, are important. Their companies influence you. So make sure it’s positive. Surround yourself with people who motivate you, challenge you for your growth. Do not surround yourself with people who demotivate you, drain your energy, make you feel less of yourself.


Love others but don’t be a doormat:

Have self-respect. Love yourself. When you love yourself you will not allow yourself to be used and treated badly by another person.


Adapt both qualities:

You may be an introvert. Being introvert is good but don’t be self-centered. Enjoy your own company but don’t be rude to others, and don’t make it look like you are ignoring the presence of others.  Even if you are an introvert, you can always practice the good qualities of extroversion. And even if you are an extrovert you will have to understand when others need their space or turn to speak. Be sensitive to others and it is not bad to keep quiet sometimes. Why not extract the good qualities from both introversion and extroversion?


Do something that you enjoy doing:

Don’t let your grave be filled with desperate wishes and sighs, for the things that you could not do or complete while being alive.

Do something that you enjoy doing, then work will not feel like work. It will feel like something enjoyable. Most people do works they find mundane and they don’t  enjoy doing. That’s why they stay frustrated because every morning they wake up and go to the office and work till 9-5 while if they had invested the same time and energy in their dream jobs or even better, in their own dreams, they would become millionaires in doing something they really love and enjoy. They know they are wasting their lives building someone else’s dream instead of their own. That’s why they stay frustrated and demoralized. They do not pursue their dreams because it’s always risky, they fear the chances of failure, they fear what people will say if they quit and start doing something new. Again, they are afraid to leave their comfort zones.

Do not think about what others say or think about what you are doing. Their opinions about you and your work do not matter. People want to see the result. Stay low key and keep working for excellence. When you achieve success, people will automatically stop.


Don’t spend time in gossiping:

Don’t waste your valuable time in gossiping and back-biting. You are more than that.


Take the full control of your own life:

Do not let others take the major decisions of your life. Be responsible for what happens to you. Be the Hero of your own life.


Accept and welcome constructive criticism:

Constructive criticisms are good because they help you improve your lacking and you get to be aware of your drawbacks and flaws. While you welcome constructive criticism, you should be careful because most people fail to criticize constructively.


Learn how to say NO:

Learning to say NO is important. We are always so thoughtful about how people are going to get hurt if we say ”no” to their requests and we do things that we don’t want to do and we end up in causing troubles to ourselves. Don’t be a ‘Yesman’. While you should definitely say yes to life and new experiences, going out with your friends in new places but visiting your friend’s home in the early morning when you’ve just recovered from a bad fever  and giving her company to plan on how to celebrate HER boyfriend’s birthday the entire day is definitely not something that you want to do. Don’t be that much good and selfless to keep someone else’s request. NO. Besides, I have a serious doubt about those friends who only think about their own good.


Be committed to your goal:

Be committed to your goal, work on it every day and do not wander far from it.


Create a vision board:

I have already written about a list,  to make a list of things you want to achieve. You can also make a vision board. This board will consist your long-term visions and goals of life.


Help strangers:

Help completely unknown people. You will feel good. It will make you feel good because you are helping someone and there is no expectation in your mind.


Fall in love:  

When you love, love selflessly. Falling in love will make you a better person than you are. Fall in love with yourself, too.


Don’t be jealous:

Jealousy, envy these are bad things and corrupt our souls instantly. There is no cure of these unless we stop those negative feelings coming to us and fill our minds with positive thoughts and think good for others. Out of jealousy and envy, people can become severe cynics and faultfinders without even knowing how it corrupts their souls. So, do not let envy and jealousy form in your mind. Someone else may have more beauty, talent, opportunities, wealth, intelligence…. accept it. Jealousy does no good, only causes your own downfall and you lose your inner peace.


Take the risk:

Not taking any risk is the biggest risk. Take risk. No risk, no gain in business.


Try something new:

You can always try some new business ideas and goals and pursue them. Encourage innovative ideas. Do not be scared to try new ideas.


Start your day with either learning something new or your important goal related works:

Starting your day with learning new things is positive and refreshing for your mind and brain. Learning something for an hour and then working on your important life goal gives you a good start. Work for making your dreams come true. Work on it every day. Then one day you will get there.


Have your own mind-mapping, don’t leave things cluttered: 

When it comes to achieving your goals and dreams. Know what you want to do and how to do it. Keep all related things in a box or in a room. Work on it, in an organized way. when you write something about a plan, do not leave it just here and there. keep thins organized.


Leave your past behind and forgive:

Gone are the days that you have left behind. You will not have them back, you can not undo the things happened in the past. Do not let your past ruin your present days. Leave your past in the past. That’s where it belongs. You live on today. Forgive people whoever did wrong to you. You will have peace. To keep wrath and hatred in yourself is to poison your own heart.


Live for the day: 

Live for today. So, live today. When you have the thought that you live only today, you live your life to the full. Don’t think too much. You don’t need to worry too much about tomorrow and what is going to happen next. Be present, enjoy the moment when you are alive.


Have a goal.

You need a goal for yourself, remember you are special. you have a purpose. your purpose should be related to making an impact on peoples’ lives, to help them. You must not stay stagnant in the same place, you must have a goal, you should work and move forward to achieve your goal. Have small goals for the day, have 3 or 4 goals for the week. Work every day to achieve those goals. Decide your goals in every weekend. Write down your goals. Start the week on Monday with full enthusiasm and motivation.


Stop being a people pleaser:

I have already given you the example of going to your friend’s place early in the morning to plan her boy friend’s birthday for the entire day when you’re sick. I said it, already. Don’t  be a people pleaser. Know what you want to do with your life. do it. Don’t do what you don’t want to do just because you’re scared you don’t want to hurt or disappoint someone. Live your life the way you want to live it. You cannot make 100 percent of people happy. Some people will always dislike you no matter what you do. So do not ruin your own peace. Concentrate on your own life goal.


Do not consider Peoples’ opinions and judgment:

I will tell you something. Some people will try to stop you and discourage you. If they find some talent in you, they will discourage you by saying that you cannot go far. They will try to demean you and demoralize you. DO NOT count their opinions. They do not know how to do constructive criticism. they instead demoralize and frustrate a soul. Do not count their opinions at all.
I will mention an example of a well-known Hollywood actress. She is our favorite Meryl Streep. She shared her own personal experience. I read it on the internet. When she went for an audition for the heroin’s character in King Kong movie, she was rejected. The director said she was ugly and that is why they would not cast her. She said in reply, her answer was like this, ” Your opinion about me is just one in the ocean of opinions and I will go to the kinder tide.” So, it does not matter if people judge you or make an opinion about you. Their opinions do not define you.


Live consciously:

Our minds are always occupied with plenty of thoughts. it’s not your fault. we all are busy and engrossed in our thoughts. We all have racing thoughts. Many of us are sleepwalking most of the time, don’t sleepwalk. Instead, be conscious. Know what you are doing. Stay present. Stay at the moment. Do meditation daily. Do reality check every now and then if you feel that you are lost in thoughts or you sleep walk a lot. Look in the mirror. Look in your eyes. Ask yourself. “What am I doing? What am I doing this whole day? Where am I? Am I doing what I was supposed to do at this moment?”


Don’t wait for something to start or happen:

Life is now. Live it now. Do not wait for some occurrences to take place in your life. Do not wait for a good job, a partner to settle down, a chance to go abroad for better education and a better life, a retirement and plenty of free time in life…. NO. You don’t wait for things to happen. Instead, make things happen. Live and enjoy living where you are now. Be happy with yourself. If you are not doing the perfect job doesn’t complain. If you don’t like it, then quit. Start your venture, or try for the dream job that you want. But meanwhile, you stay content. If you are not married and haven’t found the right person yet, don’t worry. They will come when it’s their time. Don’t ruin your own happiness for someone to come in your life. You stay happy now. If you wait for certain things to happen in your life and keep your happiness away until those things happen, you will always stay miles away from happiness. Your happiness does not depend on anything. It depends on you.


Seek knowledge:

The Internet is a vast place if you want to inherit knowledge. Everything you want to know you can find instantly on Google. Besides, there are many helpful knowledge based websites, take Khan Academy, Wikipedia for example. Take a walk to the library. Read books. Talk to people and hear from them who know. Boost your knowledge.


Utilize your resources:

You have good qualities and resources. Identify and utilize those.


Be creative:

Encourage creativity. You may have been fond of painting, art, sketching, photography, writing, designs, playing games at some point in your life. Bring out those habits of yours to life. Be creative, again.


Do not run after money:

Money is important if you want to travel the world, help the poor, buy yourself a nice house, pay your bills. But money cannot and should not be someone’s drive.  It’s just a by-product. So, do not ruin your peace and happiness by running after money all your life. Instead, enjoy life, work at your pace, give importance to your health and your family. Success will come eventually when you work toward excellence. And money follows success. And when you earn plenty of money, don’t become artificial. Don’t lose the real you.


Overcome your idleness and fear:

When you wake up from sleep, some mornings you don’t want to get up. You like to lay down and enjoy this coziness and comfort that your bed and blanket give you. You feel like you can stay like that for hours, rolling on the bed and hours pass by. This is called idleness. Fear is the feeling that you cannot go and touch the success and you will fail. Listen, that idleness and fears, those are our own creations. Those are created by our brain and negativity of minds. Brains want you to roll on the bed all day while the hours pass by. And to be scared and tentative about the achievement of success. Success will come if you can overcome fear and idleness.


Identify your failure factors and outrun those:

Procrastination, idleness, fear, sleepiness and too much eagerness to sleep all the time, excessive cravings for fatty foods, watching television, tendency of getting back to bad habits, not sleeping during the night time, not urinating timely, not drinking water, waking up late next day and staying with an empty stomach until 1 pm and deteriorating health for the worse; these are all failure factors that work behind bad career, unsuccessful business, bad and poor health and lifestyle, diseases, bad relationship with others. Identify these failure factors and get rid of these.


Be a patron and help others grow, instead of halting their growth:

Be an inspirational person, motivate others to pursue their goals. Wish for success for others. and for yourself as well. Help people with motivational words, enthusiasm, encouragement and push them toward success, challenge them so they can be the best version of themselves to attain their highest potentials.


Communicate with people, hone your social skills:

Effective communication and social skills are needed wherever you go and whatever you do.


No matter what you do, apply your full potentials:

Do it in the best way possible. Do it in a professional way. Perfectionism is a habit. Remember, anything that you do, do it with full attention and the eagerness to do it perfectly.  Your mom needs your help to cut a scotch tape for her, do it in the best way. Your dad asked you to paint your room, do it in the best way that you can.


Be action and goal oriented:

To live life to the fullest, it is important that you stay active and goal oriented. Because without knowing your goal and sticking to it, you don’t know what you want to do. Know what you want to do and how to do it and then go do it. Action without a goal is like a ship without radar. Same way, a goal without action is just an abandoned goal.


Write down your daily and weekly routine and keep it on your work table:

Get a white board. Draw 6 lines and make space for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Write your regular daily and weekly works or tasks that you are going to do there. Keep this on the work table, in front of your eyes so you can check regularly.


Feed your mind with good books, music, and thoughts:

Read good books, nurture positive and good thoughts. Do not waste time in watching a regular drama based soap operas and movies that do not serve your mind with something helpful, positive and good lessons that add value to your life for the better. Encourage your children to shun the habits of watching television programs that do not help them, because whatever they watch today, those have positive or negative contributions in building them for tomorrow. Make sure they read good books, watch didactic programs on TV, and regularly go out to play. Make sure if they watch cartoon programs, those characters teach them something good, helpful and positive. Studies reveal that playing too much video games and becoming addicted are making children violent, low IQ, selfish and aggressive in nature these days.


Keep working, be functional:

“Continuous work brings motivation and passion”

Motivation and passion will not fall from the sky. Continuous and regular efforts and working persistently every day will bring the motivation. If you don’t work regularly on, it if you discontinue work or take constant breaks from your work you may lose passion and motivation within a few days even if you are passionate about what you are working on. And if you constantly keep yourself active and associated with something on regular basis, you will find passion and motivation to work on it effortlessly, even if you were not initially passionate about the subject matter of your work, even if you did not find it that much interesting. Yes, working regularly is that much impactful. Continuous, regular and persistent work and performance bring motivation and passion for working more, toward excellence. Period.


Learn how to negotiate, and how to persuade: 

Knowing how to successfully negotiate in different situations can help you. It will get others to rely on you and gain their warmth and trust. When you see that others trust you and they want to involve you to solve or mediate any problems, you will feel good. On one hand, you are helping. On the other hand, you are influencing others impactfully, with your good negotiation skills to solve issues.

In this world, the power to persuade others will help you go forward and build a network with the right people. If you want to become a good businessman, the first thing you have to do is to sell your products and business to potential customers. You have to persuade them on why they will choose your product, not the other products in the market. In the advertisement, you are persuading customers directly or indirectly to choose your products over those of your competitors. When you face an interview you persuade the interviewer that you are competent and the right candidate and then you get the job.


Let go:

Let go your past, pain that you carry, trauma, bad memories, fears, disappointments, anger, grudges, tension, depression, frustration, any negative feelings…. Keep letting go everything that weighs you down. You have been carrying those things since a long time. Now let go.

Let me help you.

Think that you are all set for skydiving.

You have just jumped out of the plane!

The feeling is indescribable, right?

Now each second is important! Staying conscious is important.

That means, now you are floating thousands of feets above the sea level and you need to focus.You need to be present.

Now it’s not the time to think of the person who misbehaved with you 6 days ago at the mall, or about your last marriage that ended up in a divorce, or your cranky landlady who tries to put you down all the time.

You just let go anything heavy that weighs you down, or otherwise, you cannot fly, you cannot stay present, you cannot focus. That’s it!

Let go.


When you are in the sky, maintaining your focus and staying present is important.

Same way, every second of your life is important. Your own peace of mind is important. You let go anything that affects or harms your peace of mind.


Just, let go.


Keep positive energy in your home and environment:

“Let there be light.”

Let the positive energy stay at your work and home environment. By making sure proper ventilation you can do it. Make way for light and air in your room or house or office room. Many people do it, don’t put obstacles like an awkward furniture in front of the big window and block the pathway of light and fresh air. You can maintain ‘Feng Shui” in your home environment as well as in your work environment. A little wind chime, flower vase with fresh flowers in the corners of your room will refresh the energy of the room. You will find the difference immediately.


Live in an organized way:

Not only your environment but also your lifestyle, your thoughts have to be decluttered and organized. If you do not know what you are doing and why you are doing it, where you are going and why you are going there, you have a problem.


Do today’s work today:

Do not leave your work undone. Get work done as much as you can, today. Do not leave what you can do today, for tomorrow. You have your own schedules and to-do list. So, you will make sure how to make the best use of your time.


Do something challenging every day for your own growth:

Do something that scares you. Pay attention. Do something that your mind or brain low key tells you not to, because it’s difficult and doing it will help you go beyond your limit and will put you one step closer to achieve something that you want to achieve. That’s when you know you need to do it.


Love people around you, love creations of God :

You make the best use of yourself and your purpose when you love the creations of God. Love all, hate none.


Be kind and compassionate:

Be kind and compassionate to other souls. Your kindness will get back to you someday, your kindness will be rewarded. Have compassion in your heart for others.


Have empathy for others:

Think it thoroughly, by putting yourself in someone else’s position. Try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes rather than judging others.


Feel grateful, encourage gratitude in your soul:

Living life is a great gift. Being alive every day and breathing, eating, walking, seeing, hearing these all are blessings. You may have sorrow in your heart that other people wear good clothes and shoes. Think of the person who cannot see the world or someone who lost their body parts in an accident. Feel grateful for the gifts that life has given you.


Love yourself:

Love yourself. If you don’t love yourself, you cannot love any other soul. Learn to love yourself.


Help others:  

One of our purposes in life is to help others. It is one of the best ways to live life to the fullest. You feel good when you can help others. Do not ignore this feeling and the duty that you have as a human being for the other souls.


Behave well with people. Do not misbehave or hurt others:

Behave well with others. It does not cost anything to be nice. Be nice.


Every day, a new beginning:

Think day to day basis. Don’t think of the whole life. Live for today. Don’t think of yesterday’s mistake or last year’s mistakes. Live in present time.


Be yourself:

One of the best ways to live life to the fullest is to be yourself and not to pretend to be someone else that you are not. Don’t try to live someone else’s life by being what society and people want you to be. Society and people will try to impose their own ideas and ideals on you. Be yourself. It may have happened that previously you did not think that way and you have been a conformist. Start being yourself from now.


Be positive:

Think positively even in negative situations. And never give up on life.


Keep functioning:

Keep working, learning and functioning. When you stop functioning it is a spiritual death. Even after you retire, explore new places, books, hobbies, languages, lessons, people…. Don’t stop learning and functioning.


Get rid of unwanted stuff and garbage:

Get rid of unwanted stuff and garbage in your home. Give those away or put in the garbage bin. Make space for good things.


Maintain confidence and power posture:

Sit stand walk in good and confident posture. use power posture. be confident. act confidently. There is a saying, “Fake it until you make it.” If you feel you lack confidence, act confidently from today.  stay confident.


Leave procrastination:

Start working, hanging out here and there not knowing where you are going and what you are supposed to do. Leave thinking and wasting time, spending too much time in planning. A successful business plan should not take more than 3 months to be built up. If you spend all time in thinking, when will you work?


Make a To-do list:

At work or at home sometimes we are too much in messes. We do not understand how to divide time, prioritize works. Make a quick to do list every day in the morning. This will save your time.


Do not spend too much time in unproductive household chores:

There are many women out there who spend a lot of time in unproductive household chores. Sometimes they find it hard to get some time out to do something productive. Cleaning, cooking, washing these are definitely important for our health and healthy living. But do not spend your entire day in cleaning, washing, and household chores. Then when do you create something, learn something new for yourself, spend more time with family members and take care of them closely?
every day you must do something that helps you financially. There are some works that you should do to keep you spiritually alive. Some things you need to do to be creative. Also, besides these you need time to take care of yourself; self-care, looking at yourself in the mirror, taking care of your mind and body, being kind to yourself, keeping time for family are important.
When you do the unproductive chores, make sure you stay alert. Keep a clock at your reach so you always can keep up and track the time. See how much time you are spending. so you can do the more important works properly.


Be the best that you can be:

Be your best self. Reach your best potentials to reach the success. When you become the version of yourself you will add value to your life, to the lives of people living in the world.


Make your goal for each week and day. 

Make your goal for each day. And each week. Every weekend make some goals that you are about to achieve the new week. This will declutter your thought clouds and keep your focus clear.



Be true and honest with yourself:

Be truthful and honest to yourself. After all, yourself is all you’ve got. If you don’t speak the truth to yourself, who else on earth you will speak to? Be clear to your conscience.


Have self-conversation or self-talk:

Self-conversation helps your mind, by clearing your cluttered thoughts. Talk to yourself, alone. Or people will think you are mad. when you are surrounded by others and you find it difficult to talk, do it in the washroom. When you are taking a shower. You can write your thoughts instantly in your email draft, which is easily accessible. Or Write your thoughts down in a diary or a notebook. (Self – Journal)


Appreciate the blessings that God has given you:

God has given you many blessings. You have a good family, your parents who took care of you, your caring in-laws, your beautiful kids, your friends and people who care about you. Appreciate the blessings in your life.


Be honest with your people:

Be honest with people around you. Speak them your mind. The closest people around you need to know the true person that you are. No matter what is in your mind, tell them. Be clear to them.


Be the change you want to see in the world:

You are an inhabitant of this vast planet called earth. You are a beautiful creation of God. Your soul is beautiful that wants to do good to the world for the betterment of it. What in the world makes you want to remove it or you wish if that thing was not there and the world would be more beautiful? For example, racism and racial thoughts. Don’t you want that all people were treated equally in this world irrespective to gender, race, religion, ethnicity, background, beliefs, financial status….. So to discard racism and negativity you can work positively. You can tell others, you can write, speak, you can take the help of social medias to create awareness in people against racism and racial thoughts. No matter from which part of the world you are from, no matter what you believe, you can always make a positive change and difference in the world if you work for something good for the world and the people.


Do the things you want to do:

Keep some time for doing the things you always wanted to do,
you never know when the time is over. So when you are living, make sure you are actually alive and living fully. Your heart must crave for something once in a while. Do things instantly. Listen to your soul.

You may be thinking of calling your friends, or an elderly relative who go along with well.  Or maybe you want to visit them and have coffee and deep conversations. You may want to revive your childhood hobby of drawing, painting, making the sketch work. Do you want to learn a new language? Or, listen to some good songs? Do it now, before it’s too late. Do it before they’re gone. Life is too short for not doing the things you want and then regret.


Make time for doing things you always wanted to do:

Maybe you are waiting for retirement, then you want to do those special things. Life is never sure. Do it whenever you can. If you want to go for a picnic with your wife or skydiving, go for it anytime. Make time.


Having alone time:

Spend some time alone. It’s important to know yourself. You can just think during that time about things you want to think about, or you can meditate if you want. You can self-talk. Having alone time is important.


Getting in touch with your favorite company:

Your favorite people are priceless. They are precious. Get in touch with them time and again and spend some quality time together. Being around them just for 5 minutes refreshes and energizes you to a different level.


Be adventurous:

Travel outdoor, do camping, hiking, mountain: do bungee jumping, surfing, skydiving. Learn these things. Gather like-minded people who have enthusiasm for adventure. Because going in a group is far better than going alone. But that does not mean that you can’t start on your own if you don’t find like-minded people to join you. if you start from yourself, you will find some people joining you eventually. When you start your journey, your path opens up. In Himalaya, there are Sherpa people who will eagerly join you, the local people will give you mental energy and boost you with enthusiasm.


Work for the betterment of the world, work to enlighten and spiritually guide others:

You can change a mind for the better, influence the way of thinking of others for the better, enlighten the mind of others and remove the darkness and dogma and spiritually help and guide others for the better, you can make an impact on the world and then your life is worth living, you serve your purpose of life. If you are in the teaching profession, be a good teacher and guide to enlighten your students. Not only educate them, help them spiritually so they think in a better way and implement their thoughts for the betterment of the society. If you are a writer and a healer, your words can make a deep impact on the thoughts of people. They will think in a better way. Your words will shape their thoughts, and brighten their minds for the better. If you are a motivational speaker, your words will help the audience think in a different way. There are so many ways you can make an impact on the world, enlighten others’ minds and work for the betterment of the world and its inhabitant; no matter where you are from, and no matter what your profession is you can always make a deep impact to make the world better by your good thoughts, intentions, and good works.


Don’t complain, act:

Don’t be a nagging person who complains all the time. Instead of putting the blames on others. Try to find your own contributions, too; when something goes wrong. Don’t complain. Instead, work.


Stop criticizing and judging people:

We all have flaws. Let us try empathy and start thinking ourselves in someone else’s shoes.

We should not judge and criticize others pointlessly, based on the surface level. We don’t know their lives. And we don’t know what they are going through. Let us not judge people based on their lifestyles, relationship status, past, the number of relationships they have had in the past, how they look, what they wear, where they live, how much they earn…. We sometimes get judgy. When someone walks slow or works a bit slowly at the counter in a super shop, we get impatient so easily. “She is so slow”, “Argh..that guy walks so slowly!”, “Oh, this is gonna take the entire day!” , just think, how easily we react and lose our patience, how easily we make comments on others’ capabilities. That person might be sick, she or he might be suffering from illness or fever, but still came to work. she may be physically weak that’s why she is taking the time to do the transaction at the counter. Do we think about that…

Maybe you are waiting at the airport, standing in the queue, while someone is taking longer to pass through the immigration procedure. You don’t know, maybe he or she is traveling on a plane for the first time and not aware of everything as they are not seasoned. Maybe the immigration officer unexpectedly asked for a paper the person did not have with them or they needed time to go through their stuff for it. (Sometimes some of the immigration officers harass passengers on purpose, too) It depends on individuals. Don’t be impatient, don’t yell at that person, have empathy.


Stand up for the truth and righteousness, be righteous:

Do not get into quarrels or road fights. But do not tolerate torture on the poor, innocent and weaker ones either. If needed, be vocal. Do not just tolerate anomaly, wrong doings. If you tolerate tortures,  your soul later will reproach you that you did not speak up against bully and wrong doings. I don’t mean you have to be aggressive and hostile yourself to fight against bullies. You must not invite animosity with random people by getting into fights with them. Be patient and polite when you speak, prove your points, stand for your points. Be patient and polite as much as you can.

Remember, Words have the power to tame the wild animals among the humans. Words can make a hostile situation easy and peaceful within a few minutes. And words of a good negotiator can stop a  potential war from happening. Soothe, calm the environments with your logical speech. Besides, I have read, Use of force is not applicable until the situation demands it. So before the situation gets that much hostile, take control of the situation with strong and yet kind, influencing words.
Sometimes, you can also tackle the situations with light humor. Sometimes being critically humorous works well. I have this funny memory. Back in 2011, one evening I got on a double Decker bus.  I was in a jovial mood because I just came off a successful job interview. The bus was crowded. I saw three guys sitting together and gossiping, they were sitting on the special seat reserved for women in general, toddlers, and elderly people. Despite seeing female passengers standing on the bus they completely ignored and kept sitting and talking which got on my nerves. I politely yet quite jovially  asked them, “Women, toddlers, old people….which category do you people fall in?” They stopped and did not argue, if I am not wrong, one of them was about to open his mouth to say something but his friend discouraged him by waving a hand at him. They left their seats, all of three of them then and there.


Overcome your fears, do what scares you:

We need to do something every day every scares us. Doing things that scare us pushes us off our limits. Doing things that frighten us boosts our confidence and mental energy and makes us stronger. Then we start to face our obstacles on the path of goal achievement and we overcome them to reach our goals.


Believe that nothing is impossible:

Remember the quote that says, “Start by doing what is necessary, then do the possible, then suddenly you are doing the impossible.”


Discard cynics and haters:

Remember that Taylor Swift’s song, “Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake.. shake it off! Shake it off!”

Criticism is one thing while cynicism is completely another. I didn’t want to invite any negative vibe by writing about cynicism. My only intention is to aware you, as here in Snaild we motivate readers for growth and development and cynics are roadblocks on the path of growth and development. Their first target is to break your confidence level and give you complexes. You will come across a few people who will be jealous of you and your qualities and will find your faults pointlessly.  They try to give you complexes when they see potentials in you, saying that you cannot go far.  Remember that most people are good in the world. And people who fall in ‘cynic’ category, they are sad and frustrated about something, some flaws of their own. They want to spread this frustration and negativity among others.  You will find them in different talent competitions, seminars, symposiums, workshops, etc where you get a platform to show your talents. As I said, most people are good in the world and they are not discouraging to others, if not necessarily encouraging. Only those energy drainer cynics will come out and criticize you negatively and pointlessly. And then you wonder “Why on earth this person is suddenly criticizing me?”, “What problem does he/she have with me? Or, is it true what this person is saying? Did I perform that bad?” No, you did not.

Remember, the cynics spend their time and energy on trying to find faults with you just so they can make you feel that you are not good. The moment they understand that you are discouraged and you took their comments seriously, they sigh with relief knowing that they just halted someone’s growth. Next, they will get jealous of another person and will discourage him/her too, same way. Just hear and drop what they say. They are cynics and faultfinders. You won’t probably even see them again in life. See it from their point of view. They are pouring their own dissatisfactions, frustrations, jealousy out on you. So,  ignore their opinions and do your work. Simple.


Take breaks sometimes:

Take vacations sometimes, whenever you feel you need one. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”


Enjoy living, try new experiences:

Your life is the summation of the moments that you spend. Make sure you make the most out of those moments. Do not be scared to try new experiences. Travel a lot. Do the things you want to do. Experience life. It’s too short not to experience!


Dress well, look good, use your stuffs: 

Wearing nice, good, presentable clothes make you feel good. You do it for yourself, not for others.  You may have a good number of clothes, accessories. but when you go outside you wear only your old and rugged ones. Why not let them the chance to be worn and used? Let them serve their purpose? Wearing something new and fresh and nice makes you feel good instantly, don’t ignore anything that makes you feel good and freshens your mind. It’s not that you need to wear high end fashionable and expensive clothes. Remember, IT IS OKAY TO PRIORITIZE YOUR COMFORT OVER THE LATEST TREND.  See, Facebook CEO and Founder Mark Zuckerberg, he wears same looking clothes throughout the years. He spends his time in creating and improving and adding value to the lives of people; instead of thinking what to wear, and which one goes well with what.


Tell people you love them:

Tell them that you love them. Your parents, spouse, kids and siblings need to hear that you love them and they matter. If you are a juvenile and you fell in love with someone, let them know. Your body language, gestures may be expressive. But the person needs to hear it from you. Based on your body language and behavior you cannot sit back and relax, thinking that you are expressing enough and so if they don’t respond they are not interested in you. Let them know that you love them, approach them, if you are shy write a beautiful handwritten letter, or say it over the phone or send them a text from your number and add your name at the end of the text. (Just make sure you use a valid means of communication, or the least of all, do not use a fake id. Big NO NO. Letting the person know your genuine emotion using a fake id, and that over the internet is definitely not the cool idea. Besides, it gives a bad impression about you from the very beginning. They may discard your love before even your flower starts to bloom!)

Come on. Chances are they will reject you. They may be emotionally taken or in a relationship already. At least you get an answer. And you can move on. Don’t waste your valuable time and energies with bottled up emotions. It’s not that difficult. And you don’t have to be dramatic either. You don’t have to be on your knees at a marketplace and create a scene. Just be sincere and honest. Tell them when the person is alone, in a quiet calm evening, or in an afternoon when the sun leans to the west. Take time, take a chance, tell them with a beautiful calm in your voice.


Get close to nature and embrace highly spiritual connection with God:

If you ask yours truly,  I lose myself if I am completely detached from nature. Closeness to God and closeness to nature helps me find myself back. I am not a religious person. I believe that God exists, I know that He does. When I talk to God, I feel good. I feel content and then I can myself back. When I am lost in fogs, racing thoughts,  clouds, and mists and then I lose my focus; conversation in my mind with God settles my mind.

When I look at the leaves,  plants, trees, rain and dew drops closely, when I walk in the rain, when I see the first snow, when  I touch the river water or dip my feet into the pond water and the fishes touch my skin, roam around my feet, when I walk in the moonlit night, when I feel the sunshine on my eyes and I lay down on the green grasses and see the sky over my head, I feel so content and a beautiful calm prevails in those moments. I feel gratitude. I feel good and it is one of the best ways to live life to the fullest.


Learn something new every day:

Continuously develop and improve yourself. Learn new skills, new languages. Discover new areas and disciplines of studies. Learn new things and life skills. Learning something new every day keeps your brain and mind young and functioning at work. Embrace everything with open arms, ears, learning minds and brains. Your mind and brain get old and retired when you stop learning. Keep them in function. Keep giving your mind and brain good stuff to engross continuously. they will give the best result.


Do some brainstorming every day:

Give your brain some maths, some puzzles every day. It might get active! You will like it. Your brain will be more functional and calculative. It needs challenges. If you don’t put it in challenges it gets bored, dull.

Among the animals, rabbits are curious and intelligent. They are fond of challenges. Besides, you will see them constantly scratching walls, soils, digging holes. Their minds are restless. When they are not finding something interesting and something to dig for, they get bored. Besides, I have seen, when you give them puzzles to solve they love it.
I have a beautiful black rabbit with white patches on its forehead and feet. She loves puzzles and solves those. When I found that she got bored and sat quietly in a corner as she was not given any task or puzzles to solve, I made her recreational tools; some mysterious tunnels, caves for her, some conduits, labyrinths using old calendars and hard papers, so she could get playful. The end result was amazing. She went inside the tunnels and came out from another, she would go from one conduit to another, it helped her invest her time in trying to solve the labyrinth instead of sitting quietly in a corner and getting bored like she used to do before. It revived her and kept her active.


Live a healthy life, maintain good ideal food routine, do exercise, yoga & meditation every day:

Do not ignore your health. Your important and vital organs and body parts are precious. Take care of those and take life as a precious gift from God. It is a blessing. Take care of yourself. If you don’t take care of yourself no one else will. Your health and everyday lifestyle are important and have to be maintained consistently. Eating an ideal meal, taking meal regularly and timely, drinking water properly, proper urination, walking outdoor, sleeping properly, waking up early in the morning, hygiene, bath, brushing teeth these are important for your good life.


Use your senses and full capabilities:

It is one of the most effective ways to live life to the fullest. Smell, breathe, see, hear, touch, feel, talk, listen when you talk, eat with pleasure when you eat, taste the food that you eat, see the colors of the world, smell the fragrances, take everything and enjoy that the world has to offer you.


Memorize what you are going to do every day:

Memorize by the first alphabets, your everyday work to do list that is not variable but constant. Suppose you want to live an ideal life, you want to practice yoga and meditation daily. Or maybe you forget your daily medicines and you want to keep it in mind. Besides, you want to learn a new language, i.e. Spanish or French. So you can add Y for Yoga, M for Meditation, M for medicines, S or F For the languages respectively. This way, you won’t forget.


Think that your life on earth is too short and you have a time limit:  

Give yourself a self-alarm. Set a time limit. Think that you have just one month or less left in your hand. After one month anything can happen. All you ever wanted to do, will have to be done in just one month. You have a month, that’s all that you’ve got.  You will make the right use of this time.



We have suggested the ways to live life to the fullest. While in the process we might have missed some of the points that you might like to add and we welcome your suggestions and contributions. Feel free do leave your comments and please, do come back to read the replies. Have a discussion on this topic. Life is a gift. Live it to the fullest, why not?


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