16 Best Horror Movies that Make You Sleep With Lights On


Which horror movies actually scare you? Do you remember the last time when you watched a horror film that scared the hell out of you, then you could not sleep with lights off, or kept your door open or hoped your mom or your little brother or sister would come and sleep in your room (just so you didn’t die of horror, by chance)?

Which are your top favorites? Check the best horror listed by Snaild.

Here are 16 Best Horror Movies that Make You Sleep With Lights On:

16. The woman in black (2012)

Starring: Daniel Redcliffe, Janet Mcteer, Ciaran Hinds

Why it made our list: The film is quite terrifying, dark. It’s a suspenseful horror movie, from the beginning it creates a suspense which it could sustain till the end.

Super Horror Scene: Girls were playing with their dolls. Suddenly seeing something (a ghost of a lady in black gown) they walked forward as if they were in some kind of spell and before even giving any clue to the viewers three of them jumped off the window.

15. Amityville Horror (2005)

Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Melissa George

Why it made our list:  The horrible murders of Defeo family that took place in Amityville were infamous in the US for decades. Despite having some shortcomings and errors, the movie has  scares and some gruesome scenes for which you will add this one to your horror movie watch list.

Super horror scene: Right now, I can recall the scene where the elderly local priest says to Mrs. Lutz that the doll that her daughter (Chelsea) was playing with belonged to the dead child of Defeo family and it was buried with the child. The dialogue itself leaves much of the horror to the viewers’ imagination.

14. The Orphanage-El Orfanato

A woman and her family shift to a house which was actually her childhood home and later she discovers that the house was once used as an orphanage for handicapped children.

Starring:  Belen Rueda, Fernando Kayo, Roger Princep

Why it made our list: It’s creepy, atmospheric and you will like this movie. Nice script, direction, story, film editing, cinematography, and acting. Nice music as well. Mysterious, creepy and at the same time an emotionally touchy movie.

Super Horror Scene:  When a  masked child  appears mysteriously at the party thrown for the orphans.

13.Shutter (2008)

Directed by Masayuki Ochiai, remake of 2004 Thai film Shutter.

Starring: Joshua Jackson, Rachael Taylor, Megumi Okina

Why it made our list:  It is scary, some scenes really are! And the ending is definitely ….. well you cannot predict it is going to happen that way. You can watch this movie, to be scared and to be mystified.

The Super Horror Scene: When the ghost of the girl, Megumi  was found combing her hair. The last scene where the reflection on the glass door shows her, leaning over Ben’s shoulder.

12. Drag me to hell (2009)

Starring: Alison Lohman, Justin Long, Ruth Livier

Why it made our list: Directed by Sam Raimi, this movie is filled with unpredictable moments, surprises and scary sequences. This is really scary and it keeps the viewers interested. You will scream while watching it and won’t let you sleep at night.

Super Horror Scene: At the parking space when out of the blue Christine was attacked by Mrs. Ganush. The old woman rips off her button so she can use it to cast a spell on her.

11. Insidious (2010)

Starring: Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Ty Simpkins

Why it made our list: Unlike many contemporary horror movies, this movie is really scary. It does not overdo anything. Or does not try to make you jump off your seat with the exaggerated amount of sounds and effects. Rather it explains to you what is behind there in the dark or outside the door or behind the curtain.

The Super Horror Scene: The scene where the gifted psychic Elise Rainier sees the demon standing behind Josh (Patrick Wilson).

10. Shutter (2004)

A 2004 Thai horror, directed by Banjong Pisanthanakun and Parkpoom Wongpoom. A young photographer and his girlfriend find some mysterious shadows and spots in their photographs after they face a gruesome accident.

Starring: Ananda Everingham, Natthaweeranuch Thongmee, Achita Sikamana

Why it made our list: It’s the original masterpiece. Really scary, intriguing, capturing. It will keep you interested throughout the time though you get scared. It’s a must watch.

Super Horror Flick: After developing the pictures Tun (Ananda) finds some mysterious shadows in those images.

9. Ju-on: The Grudge (2002)

The original Japanese ‘The Grudge’ movie with title Ju-on.  The movie shows a mysterious house. Whoever visits it, becomes a target of something vengeful. Sooner or later people find out that there is  the existence of some supernatural force in this house.Directed by Takashi Shizumi.

Starring: Megumi Okina, Misa Uehara, Misaki Ito

Why it made our list: It is one of those Japanese horror films with nice ‘horror’ atmosphere, you will like to watch this film with or without company. You will love the Japanese essence. A traditional Japanese home, apparently no one lives there except an old lady who is physically ‘unwell’. But there is something more in the house……It gives you shivers every now and then, as there are many scenes that are spooky and creepy.

Super Horror Scene:  ‘Stair crawling’  scene, it’s the creepiest!

8. The Ring (2002)

It is a psychological horror, an American remake of 1998 Japanese horror ‘Ring’. The movie is directed by Gore Verbinski. A group of teenagers

Starring: Naomi Watts, Martin Henderson

Why it made our list: Yes, it’s dark, damp, a kind of ‘raining all the time’ set. But it is the pioneer in J-Horror remakes.  It received 2002 Saturn Award and 2003 MTV Teen Choice Award in the Best Movie-Horror category. It reached number 1 position in the box office and even grossed more in Japan than the original. More than anything, it is really scary and you won’t regret.

Super horror scene: Quite a many scary scenes actually, but I will recommend the scene where the horse gets under the barge. It was really haunting and at the same time intriguing.

Suggestion*: Some renowned critics complained about the lengthy and detailed ending saying it  may not help sustain the ultimate suspense and horror in the mind of the viewer.  I will rather suggest you to see the first half of the movie (pause till the horse whispering scene) on day 1, and then watch the latter part on next day.

7. The Omen (1976)

Starring: Gregory Peck, Lee Remick, Hervey Stephens, David Warner

Why it made our list: Directed by Roman Polanski, a timeless horror movie. Gregory Peck’s acting gave it a different dimension. The film gives you shivers; it is not overdone, it is simple yet an outstanding classic horror film. You will think while watching…. why is it happening this way.

Super Horror Scene:  The scene where the nanny hangs herself out of the building, and the  mysterious dog watches the child from a distance. The evil eyes of the child are shocking.

 6. Ring (1998)

Starring: Nanako Matsushima, Miki Nakatani

Why it made our list: It is terrifying! With the essence of old-days evil and modern day technological blend, this movie stands out. This 95-minute long film was a massive box office hit in Japan yielding ¥1,000,000,000. It also received excellent critic acclaims from around the world. Rotten Tomatoes lists this movie with ‘fresh’ rating of 97% along with 33 positive reviews out of 34. It is an influential movie that had a deep impact on western horror movie  making style, it leaves much of the terror to the audience’s imagination.

Super Horror Scene: When Tomoko dies of mysterious heart failure leaving an unnatural expression on her face. Her face was twisted out of fear.

5. Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

A young couple moves into their new apartment, despite being not so satisfied with its neighborhood. Soon they find themselves surrounded by strange neighbors who would not leave them any space.

Starring: Mia Farrow, John Cassavetes, Ruth Gordon, Sidney Blackmer

Why it made our list: It’s a very strange kind of movie directed by Roman Polanski; an amazing, outstanding and shocking one. You must watch this. It’s a psychological thriller that involves the viewers quite easily with the story. There is no fake gore scenes or blood spills. Though things seem pretty okay at the beginning, then at some point you will sense that something is ‘not right’, just as Rosemary does in the movie. With each scene, you will be more and more involved and interested in watching this movie. Your mind will start to be intrigued by this bizarreness. You will definitely enjoy the thriller, mystery, and horror.

Super Horror Scene: The girl at the laundry mysteriously dies, the next day when Minnie comes to meet Rosemary at her apartment quite shockingly she does not look influenced at all by her sudden death.  Another mysterious death of Rose’s well wisher Hutch, the way Minnie pressurizes Rose to eat the strange herbs during her pregnancy; these all leads the viewers’ mind to too many questions while watching the movie. Clearly, the bizarre neighbors esp  Minnie Castavet  is quite a horror character herself!

4. Psycho (1960)

Norman, a troubled guy runs a motel in a remote place, he is unable to live life his way and break the invisible shields around him because of his mother. A Phoenix secretary embezzles quite a large amount of money from her employer’s client and flees, at night she checks into Bates motel only to put her life at risk.

Starring: Anthony Perkins, Jennet Leigh, Vera Miles

Why it made our list: A classic horror of 1960, Alfred Hitchcock’s direction has made this movie phenomenal. Till to date, the movie has not lost its charm.

Super Horror Scene: The shower scene! Definitely,  a shower scene is supposed to be somewhat soothing and relaxing. But it is not in ‘Psycho’. It happens the other way around when an old lady with horrible makeup and get up attacks Marion Crane out of the blue. The scene is shocking and gory, it leaves you in awe; the way she stabs young Marion again and again….A viewer would not possibly see it coming while watching it for the first time.

3. Exorcist  (1973)

Starring: Linda Blair, Ellen Burstyn, Max von Sydow

Why it made our list: With IMDb rating 8, it stands out as one of the most memorable and scariest movies of all time in the history of Hollywood. It is more than just an average horror story.

Super Horror Scene: When the exorcists try to help the girl the demon inside her twists her head at complete 360 degrees. Possessed Regan is seen floating on the air, 3 feet off the bed.

2. The Shining (1980)

Torrance family moves to Overlook hotel just before the winter as Jack Torrance takes a job opportunity to look over the hotel.  Overlook hotel and nearby places are totally disconnected from the outside world during a winter season.  For someone from outside  it is really hard to visit that place for the heavy snowfalls and odd weather.There in that isolated place, an evil entity takes over Jack and leads him to unthinkable violence. It’s a Stanley Kubrick movie.

Starring: Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, Danny Lloyd

Why it made our list: You will love this movie as much as you get frightened by watching it. It will be hard for you to sleep at night when you watch it for the first time. Even after watching it a couple of times, the viewers get scared. Plenty of brilliantly taken long shots have been used in the movie which is wonderful and will make you feel the isolation in an area like that.

Supper Horror Scene: While riding his little tricycle Danny sees the girls who were murdered in the hotel.

1. The Conjuring (2013)

A family feels the presence of some demonic existence a few days after they move in their new farmhouse in Rhode Island. Strange things start happening in their house.

Starring: Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga, Ron Livingstone, Lili Taylor

Why it made our list: This movie is really a high-class horror one, besides it will give you the essence of 70’s horror films in this era with slow zoom-ins and relevant works of the camera. The film is creepy and captures you throughout the time. Watch this movie at night, you can’t sleep with lights off. You will feel like something is there in your room, standing in shadows!

Super horror scene: The basement scene, where the ghost child claps his hands from behind the girls’ mother. Another scene where the demonic entity consumes the mother and takes total control over her. Annabell’s doll scene is quite creepy as well.


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