21 Best Short Films on Youtube !!

Here you will find best short films on Youtube.  Most of them are less than six minute long or so. But these films express a lot in few minutes. These Short films are based on small events of life, sometimes on life’s philosophy, horror and so on. They are free to see here .. Check out below films.

21 Best short films on Youtube are given below

1 Wake Up – 2 min

If you think about the years you have passed and how you messed up your lives not doing the things that should have done?  then you should see the beautiful short film.   .. This two min short film gives us all an important message .. we should wake up and live now!  We should enjoy our time …this Film was Written and Directed by Kostas Karydas.

2 VOICE OVER – (English subtitles) – 9 min

Can you describe your first kiss? This 9 minute short film was amazingly presented…how the first kiss looks like. This film will take you to extreme situations and extreme places of your imagination to describe first kiss. This short but amazingly captive film can give you chill.. Check  out this award winning film by Martin Roseate. You will see and feel the urgency of those people and when least expected, you will be relived just by a simple yet beautiful emotion of love.

3 Stanley Pickle FULL FILM- 11 min

This award winning movie will surprise you by its unusual filming technique called compilation.
You will be glued to the movie from start to the end by its somewhat creepy , but amazing storyline. Stanley , main character of the movie, runs his life like clockwork, like a machine. It changes when he meet a girl. Check out this short movie.

4 The Last Farm -17 min

The Last Farm is an extraordinary Icelandic short film. It is really touchy, timeless and likeable. It is a beautiful sublime film, based on severe reality. It is one of the finest things I’ve watched in a long time.The movie reflects the fondness of a farmer for his wife and the farm, his house where he lived for many years. He decided not to leave that place and his wife. He loved his wife and his house so much. Despite the rudeness of weather and the sordid winds he never had any grump in his mind against the area. A film close to the heart and based on a person so close to his beloved and the Nature. The Last Farm (Icelandic title Síðasti bærinn), a live action short film, directed by Rúnar Rúnarsson, starring Icelandic actor Jón Sigurbjörnsson.

5 Fairytale

Fairytale is a short film. Really touchy and within a few scenes it says a lot. The film is based on a small girl who purchases alcohol for her chronic alcoholic mother. In her childhood she has to bear the burden of being an adult and act like one. The film shows as if AN ADULT or a grown up person is asking the shopkeeper for selling something repulsive to her. The salesman denies and scolds her and threatens her he would hand her over to the police if she asks for alcohol again. She runs out of the shop with a bottle of milk and some groceries that she bought. When she reaches home her alcoholic mother scolds her and she tends to become aggressive for not bringing her alcohol that she wanted. And that’s when the audience finds out that the girl is a child, not a grown up one. Scared of her chronic mother, the little helpless girl drops off the bottle of milk and breaks it into pieces.

The movie shows a mere child who bears such a huge burden at such a young age and whose fairy tale turns into a dark nightmare.

6 We’ve All Been There | Winner of Tropfest Australia 2013 -6min


The story revolves around a pregnant waitress, her husband in destitute and despair, an old lady who  seemingly comes from a solvent background. The short film is based on a short story ‘What goes around comes around’.  Sometimes we all face some troubled and crucial situations in life, we may suffer from destitute, poverty, some incurable diseases, distrust, marital complications, mental trauma, the state of losing someone close to heart and more. But if we keep ourselves strong and honest and hold us through out the hard time we can pass it no matter how hard it is.

The pregnant waitress and her husband were going through lots of hardship. They were really in need of money. The guy helped an old woman when her car engine failed to function in the middle of nowhere. He saw money in her purse, for a split second he thought either about asking for more money or robbing her but he did not do it. His honesty paid him off somehow as the old woman later takes food at the restaurant where his pregnant wife works. While leaving, she leaves a plenty of money for her as tips.

7 The Lonely Bachelor – Animated Short Film – 7 min

The Lonely Bachelor was first animated short film written and directed By: Terrance Dominic. As the movie title suggest, it’s about a ‘lonely bachelor’ . this seven minute short film made me think about my bachelor life. It’s very simple, touchy but seems somewhat like an unreal emotional story. You may find it unreal, or may be to some extent too good to be true the way he get his partner. He was staring at an woman unknowingly ..but somehow it didn’t seem it was creepy. What you think? It’s true, fairy tales do happen in real like sometimes. And at some point of time we all deserve to be happy and we get to be happy, I do believe that.

8 Selfie by Kirsten Dunst -2 min

Posting picture along with an actor or any one , with hardly any interaction,  just for the social-networking sites’ sake can’t be a good culture. the actress and director Matthew Frost try to highlight this matter.
Nowadays we are in a culture where we tend to showcase almost everything on social networking sites;  even by posting status about our very own personal problems or a mere physical illness like headache. By the way, I personally have no problem with social networking sites, ….its just how we use them.

9 The Yellow Smiley Face

It’s a short film based on a touchy and a very original concept. The audience would find it very close to their hearts. The short film based on the emotional sequence and conversation of the parents of an expatriate living in America. They miss their son. They communicate with him over internet. The film gets quite touchy and emotional when mother of the expatriate asks the father not to tell their son about her heart problem. And she asks her husband to text their son that would it be possible for them to see him all the time if the computer is on. Very simple movie, it happens to us all. Our parents do feel the same way about us and feel anxious the same way, I am sure.

10 Gift – Singapore Inspiration Drama Short Film-7min

Story of this film ‘Gift’ is about a boy who does not see his father as an inspiration or an ideal man until he finds the big secret, a hidden world of his father. Even though, they had less money and lived like poor, his father helped many people in different ways. His father believed richness of life comes from giving others. This seven minute short film definitely captured the simple deeds of beautiful happy life.

11 MY SHOES- 3 min


This three minute long short film was directed by Nima Raoofi. Sometimes we don’t appreciate what we are and what we have…. and we desire or hope to be like others and have what others have . But most of the time we don’t know what the others are going through. They might desire to be like us. So appreciate what you are and what you have. you can know more here.

12 Strangers, again

This short film was directed by Philip Wang. It’s about relationship and its stages. Every relation is unique and there are different stages in a relationship and how long a stage will remain and when  it will change depend on us. But the time we spend with each other is unique and gives us a beautiful memory.

 13 “JAFAR” (by Nancy Spetsioti) -2 min


There is no difference between humans. We are all the same human beings. No matter we are black or white, the same red blood flows through our veins which part we cannot deny. In the movie the person named Jafar donates bone marrow for the child who apparently belongs to a different religion or group.

However, there are some anomalies in the film like, a person’s good mind or goodness or humanity (no matter what religion/cast/race he she belongs to) does not have to be ‘proved’ by his work. He is a human, that’s all that matters. As a human we should respect each other.

14 Shopaholic – 9 min

This Thai short film quite amazingly shows how sometimes we get lost in the world of plenty of luring products and particularly the ingredients that increase our thirst to need more and want more and make us buy the things in abundance which we do not actually need; in many cases the addiction to purchase and keep purchasing during the discount periods of particular products at modern day malls contribute heavily to our purchasing habit. In the movie, the shopaholic girl spends more than 6 hours in shopping mall. When she estimated the car parking charge for the total time that she spent there she felt down in the dumps and lastly changed the time written on slip (the exact time of her signing in the mall) with a pen so she could escape the car parking charge which led her to even more hazards, and expense of money.

15 Lights Out – type horror -2 min

When the woman turns off the light of the foyer, the girl’s shadow shows up in the muffled light. At first she was not quite sure of it. Then after turning on and off the switch for couple of times she was scared and she believed that something spooky was in her house. The movie is not clichéd. Rather it is short and specific. It gives chills that run down through your spinal cord. Lights out is directed by David F. Sandberg

16 The Portal: No Escape – 6 min

A film by Dan Trachtenberg

This film is based on a woman who is trying to escape in the same labyrinth. She wakes up in a room with no memory of who she is or how she got there. Though she tries to escape from this unknown place, she cannot. It is like a game of maze that brings her to the same place again and again, from where she started. This is a short set in the world of the Portal video games created by Valve Software.

17 Validation: – 16 min

Validation is a good short film and gives an important message to us all.

We often do not appreciate our lives and do not live life to the fullest. We keep ourselves unhappy rather than being happy for what we are blessed for. Life gives us all some special things and gifts which often tend to ignore and overlook. Life is beautiful. Each moment of life and each gift from God should be appreciated. We should smile more. One can only make others happy, cheerful and help boost confidence when he/she himself/herself is happy and cheerful, confident.  When one loves himself or herself they can love others too. They can love the whole mankind. They can generate happiness and smile among all.

 18 Alive in Joburg -6 min

The scifi based short film shows the consequence of aliens coming to Earth. They are forced to live in a slum in Johannesburg of South Africa. Alive in Joburg is directed by Neill Blomkamp. The movie district 9 is loosely based off of this short film, the information says.

19 Silence of  Love – 3 min

Parents’ love is unconditional. No matter what they look like, or their professions are they are our parents. Despite all shortcomings they love us passionately. They raise us up with the efforts they can make to earn living. They may be rich, may be poor. But they earn to give us a good life and education. Even if we ignore them or do not love them back enough sometimes they forgive us. But life may not give us chances all the time.

It is time we took care of those who take care of us.

20 “Meshes of the Afternoon”, Maya Deren, 1943 -14 min

A certain woman’s dreary and monotonous lifestyle and her intuition have been focused in the ‘Meshed of the Afternoon. The plot of the film ultimately takes up a dreadful and tragic consequence. It is a non-narrative work. It is sort of film that shows life like reverie.

 21 To Claire; From Sonny -6 min


Claire gets out of the house and quarrels with Sonny. She leaves and gets on the road putting her earphone on. As she walks down in rage, fails to hear the car honk. Claire dies in the road accident. After her death Sonny finds it different to find interest in life. He keeps recalling her memories. Her touches, her breaths don’t leave her entirely. Though he finds a new girl, he discovers that he cannot possibly like anyone else but Claire. Sonny writes letters for Claire and wishes if he could communicate with her somehow and if she knew how much he loves her and misses her presence. He spends a lot of time at her grave.

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