Best Beach Destinations in the World


Best Beach Destinations in the World

Here are the best beach destinations in the  world for tourists and the nature lovers.

This list was made considering factors like .. the scenic beauty, length of the beach, beach activities, amount of restaurants, hotels and facilities and so on. You will see the video and pictures along with description for each  of the beaches.

1.    Grace Bay, Providenciales:

Where: Turks

Why it is one of the bests: A picture perfect beach, one of the most photographed beach in the world. Crystal clear warm water. Beautiful view of ocean. The most noteworthy thing is, the beach is really very clean. It is well kept. Easy entry and exit system for the visitors. Local people are good and friendly. An excellent destination for the tourists. There are lots of shops and restaurants nearby.

2. Grande Anse Beach:

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Where: La Digue Island, Seychelles

Why it is one of the bests: Amazingly beautiful sea beach for the nature lovers. A bit secluded though. A great place for surfing. A thing might need to know is, there are not enough of shades at the beach.

3.    Navagio Beach

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Where: Zakynthos, Greece

Why it is one of the bests: Navagio Beach is famous for its uncommon beauty. There are hills on both sides, which give the beach a hidden and a different look. It is an exotic beach. You can get a serene and spectacular view from above the hills. You will see the magical blue line in the horizon.

4. Rabbit Beach

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Where: Lampedusa, Italy

Why it is one of the bests: Beautiful and stunning view of blue water. A wonderful nature reserve. There are dry desert lands.

5. Anse Source d’Argent

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Where: Seychelles

Why it is one of the best: Beautiful pink and white soft sands. Spectacular view. Really beautiful. There are small rocks, palm trees on the beach. The beach looks even more beautiful during sunset. There are restaurants nearby the beach where you can have food. Also if you want you can shop from the nearby shops and supermarket and make food for yourself.

6.  Sun Island Beach

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Where: Maldives

Why it is one of the bests: Beautiful light and dark blue sheds of water, scenic beauty of Maldives.One of the best beaches in the world. Opportunities for recreational activities. Plenty of restaurants and hotel facilities available.

7.    7 mile beach

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Where: Negril, Jamaica

Why it is one of the bests: 7 mile beach is known as  one of the longest and most beautiful beaches in the world. There are bars nearby for which this beach is specially known to provide with best beach bar facilities in the world. Good place for the surfers as well.

8. Wineglass Bay

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Where: Tasmania

Why it is one of the bests: Beautiful blue water, warm white sands. Unpolluted and crystal clear water. You will see pink granite rocks and green peaks.. It’s part of Freycinet National Park.

You can go for hiking, snorkeling, kayaking and boating as part of recreational and sports activities.  But you will definitely not like to miss watching the sunset at the beach.

9. Matira Beach

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Where: Bora Bora, Tahiti

Why it is one of the bests: This is the only beach in Bora Bora which is publicly available. Clean emerald green water. White sands. Warm and beautiful. Stunning view of sunset. The location is beautiful. The water is warm and calm.

10. Fernando De Noronha

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Where: in Brazil

Why it  is one of the bests: It is unpolluted beach, warm water. Beautiful scenario. The sea foods are wonderfully dlicious. fished are served in banana leaves which you will find exotic. Fernando de Noronha is known for being one of the few dolphin-breeding colonies. You should know that English is rarely spoken there. Portuguese and related languages are  spoken there. Flights to the destination depart from the Brazilian mainland towns of Recife and Natal; it takes normally about 1 hour, or more to reach there.

11. El Castillo

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Where: Tulum, Mexico

Why it  is one of the bests: Crystal blue water. A perfect beach for the sea viewers and swimmers. There are mexican foods, cuisines, tacos. Tulum beach of Mexico visit thousands of visitors from around the globe. You can also visit the ancient Mayan Ruins. The international airport of Mexico is in Cancun.

12. Anse de Grande Saline

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Where: St. Barths

Why it is one of the bests: People who visit this beach possibly cannot help visiting again. It is understandable why. The untouched beauty of the beach attract them. The beach is natural and peaceful. You will simply enjoy sitting at the beach and watching the waves coming toward you. it is a good choice for the surfers because the waves are big.

13. Champagne Beach

[alert-note]Click Here to see the video!!->>Champagne Beach beach [/alert-note] Where: Vanuatu

Why it is one of the bests: Paradise, magical place….how would you like to describe such a beautiful place? A perfect beach for the warm, calm, silent beach lovers who just love to enjoy the calmness and serenity of a beach and the nature. White beach.

 14. South Beach

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Where: Miami, Florida

Why it is one of the bests: One of the best beaches in US. The beach is really nice and beautiful. Good environment and nice place to enjoy the natural beauty and have fun.

15. Cox’s Bazaar Sea Beach

Cox's Bazaar Sea Beach

[alert-note]Click Here to see the video!!->> Cox's Bazar Sea Beach [/alert-note] Where: Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Why it made our list: 125 kilometres (78 mi) long, the longest sea beach in the world, uninterrupted and unbroken . A nice place to spend vacation. Each year a huge number of tourists visit this place during the winter season. With that being said, the best time to visit Cox’s Bazar is from October to March. There are two other beautiful places near Cox’s Bazar beach; one is Himchori  where the mountains front the bay (about 6 km far from Cox’s Bazar) and another beach is Inani. Those are very beautiful as well and serene. The view of Cox’s Bazar sea beach from the top of the mountain in Himchori is outstanding. There are plenty of hotels (From Luxurious to the ordinary and cheap ones) in Kolatoli, Cox’s Bazar beach area. Good foods and seafoods will be available in Cox’s Bazar. There are markets for the shoppers where clothes, accessories, ornaments, shoes and different items can be found. The Cox’s Bazar City is also calm and good place to stay.

16.    Canggu Beach

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Where: Bali, Indonesia

Why it is one of the bests: Canggu beach attracts plenty of visitors each year. This is one of most beautiful beaches in Asia. It is a long beach. Food and drinks are available. There are enough hotels and restaurants nearby. Good for the joggers. The waves and currents are big and strong. A cool beach for the surfers. You should know that the seabed is not leveled so be a bit careful when you get into water. There is a toilet and shower facility.

17. Whiteheaven beach

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Where: Whitesunday islands, Queensland, Australia

Why it is one of the bests: The beach is untouched, serene. It is so beautiful you will love to sit there for hours and watch the beauty of the blue water line. The beauty of great barrier reef is divine and breath taking. You can choose to sail in the blue calm waters. You can parasail, you have the option of water ski, camp and different other recreational activities.

18. White Bay

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Where: British Virgin Islands

Why it is one of the bests: You can’t possibly help getting rid of your shoes and let go yourself, this is the perfect beach for a stroll and what not. The beach is clean. Sands are white as smooth as powder. The water is crystal clear and clean. A picture perfect beach. You can relax sitting on the beach, also at night you can enjoy the beach parties. You will like the beach bar, Soggy Dollar, which is recommended by many visitors.

19.  Langkawi

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Where: Malaysia

Why it is one of the bests: Langkawi is an archipelago made up of 99 islands on Malaysia’s west coast. If you visit Malaysia you can visit Langkawi beach because it is one of the best beaches of Malaysia with white sands and serene natural beauty. Langkawi beach is adored by the nature lovers and tourists from all over the world. You can go to Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah, these are the island’s resources known for restaurants and bars and facilities . You can also have a beautiful view of bay surrounded by densely forested mountains in Pantai Kok, located 12 km north of Pantai Cenang.

20. Epanema Beach

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Where: Rio de Jeneiro, Brazil

Why it  is one of the bests: It is one of the best beaches in Brazil. Each year Brazil attracts numerous visitors who visit with the purpose of seeing the beaches in Brazil and this one is one of of the top beaches for tourists in Brazil.  Needless to say why you will find Ipanema beach  crowded.

21. El Nido

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Where: Palawan, Philippines

Why it is one of the bests: A very calm and peaceful place, secluded. There are number of resorts and hotels for the tourists. There are rock formations that give the beach a mysterious and ancient look.

22. Paradise Beach

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Where: Mykonos, Greece

Why it is one of the bests: Beautiful sands, amazing night life! There are plenty of tourists spots. Mykonos is known to be one of the best nightlife party hotspot. No wonder  the beach is often crowded. There’s a monthly full-moon party here at the beach. Tropicana Beach Bar is consistently rated one of the top beach bars in the world.

23. Cabbage Beach

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Where: Paradise Island, Bahamas

Why it is one of the bests: It is not too much crowded, clean water. According to the visitors’ review it is a nice beach with exotic views, But there are not too many facilities though there are hotels near the beach but you have to a bit cautious  and careful when it comes  to choosing a hotel for stay.

24. Ko Phi Phi

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Where: Thailand

Why it is one of the bests: Ko Phi Phi beach is one of the most secluded beaches with its serene and exotic beauty. Ko phi phi is an island in Andaman sea,  it is in Krabi province of Thailand.Ko Phi Phi island is a secluded island, often known as ‘the secret island’. And the view from above makes it look like the rocks are surrounding it.

Information: 20th Century Fox film ‘The Beach’ starring Leonardo De Caprio was filmed in location of Ko Phi Phi.

25. Hidden Beach

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Where: Mexico

Why it is one of the bests: It is one of the attractions for the tourists around the world, located in the Marieta Islands, about 20 nautical miles from Puerto Vallarta, was out of reach of humans for many years until its photo was spread in internet and it became one of the most popular beaches not only in Mexico but also gradually in the world.It’s crystal clear turquoise color water is attractive. Hidden beach said to have been formed in the early 1900′s by the Mexican Government as a bomb site in preparation before the First World War.

26. Manu Bay

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Where: Raglan,  New Zealand

Why it made our list: It is a good haven for the surfers.  You will love the stunning view of water and have a stroll down the beach. Really nice and serene view. A great place for the nature lovers.

27. Bells Beach

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Where: Victoria, Australia

Why this made our list: It has super natural beauty.  Rip Curl Pro, the world’s longest-running surfing competition is also held here(since ’61). Besides the Bells beach is on the Australia’s famous ‘The Great Ocean road’.

28. Lake McKenzie

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Where: Fraser Island, Australia

Why it made our list: Fraser Island has one of the longest sand island. There are ago-old rainforests. You will like the crystal clear water and beautiful sands on a sunny day. The bay is clean.

29.    Mosquito beach

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Where: Puerto Rico

Why it is one of the bests: Nice food. Nice accommodation and food. Amazing light view during night. During night time you can view the natural light show. This happens when the neon blue light is emitted from dinoflagellates.

30. Lanikai Beach

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Where: Hawaii

Why it is one of the bests:

The beach is beautiful and serene. A scenic beach though comes with not enough facilities. There is no parking facility and finding restroom or place to stay may turn out to be hard. Water is generally calm. You will find the corals quite interesting though.


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