Amazing Friendly dog on subway can’t seem to have enough of human love


I met Steve and his dog Raka this week, on the subway station. Steve has been taking care of her since she was just a small puppy. Now she is three years old. At first i thought she was half wolf and half dog breed. Steve said she has a mixture of coyote, wolf, dog ancestry.  Which in fact is a rare high breed. looks may be deceiving. Some are afraid of dogs, moreover that looks like wolves. Raka was trying to make friends with everyone on subway. But she liked me most because i was talking to her and cuddling her and she was trying to kiss me and lick my face. I connect with animals then and there. She was on me at one point of time and wanted me to hold her hand. She offered her hand to me. Raka  was going  to all and  making friends with passengers.


I was feeling so bad when i got off the train at my station. I thought I would never see them again. But miracle happened! The next day i saw them again near davisville station. Steve and raka both recognized me. Raka was so excited to see me again!  Steve was saying, “see she likes you. she recognized you. ” Raka embraced me and she  got on me.They would  roam around there  in the afternoons and evenings and he lives nearby 141 davisville. Anyone interested to meet them, go there you will find them,  steve hanging out with raka and she making friends with humans.

It is difficult not to like them. Steve is like a character from Dostoyevsky. I wish i could paint a picture of them, roaming there and making friends with people..






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