The importance of goodnight sleep


Not sleeping during night time can have major impact on health.


  1. It can directly  and indirectly affect  hormonal imbalance, heart disease,  high blood pressure, diabetes and different other health problems.
  2. Lack of sleep during night can lead to faster aging, eye bags, dark circles, wrinkles, several skin  problems, hair fall problem.
  3. Not sleeping at night can affect the kidney too. Because, when a person keeps up at night they go to toilet frequently at night which is not possible when they are sleeping. As a result of frequent urination, body needs more water. Or body gets dehydrated. Lack of water intake and keeping the kidneys dry overnight may lead to formation of kidney stone. So, if a person knows  that they should sleep at night but still keep up and don’t drink water, is doing nothing but leading themselves to diseases. Highlighting the major reason behind kidney stone formation: Most people fall asleep and they sleep uninterruptedly which means they don’t wake up and pee in the middle of the night. Which is not the same for the others. Many among us have the tendency to wake up in the middle of the night to pee. But after peeing they directly go to bed and don’t drink water before sleeping again. in the morning they wake up early or late, it does not matter. The whole night and till next morning, their kidneys are staying dry and there are most chances of kidney stone formation. One major cause of kidney infection and formation of kidney disease is not drinking water after urination. Night time is the major time for kidney stone formation. So, one must drink water after peeing, whether during day time or night time.
  4. Lack of sleep at night can cause depression. Many users keep browsing social media, playing games, checking internet at night which can lead to frustration and depression. When it’s  time for exam studies they  can’t keep up late but if it’s about playing games on pc they can’t sleep. Sometimes frequents internet checking, and getting addicted to computer using can cause severe mental disorder.
  5. Lack of sleep at night  can have devastating effect on mental health and can cause mental illness, delusions and hallucinations.


Night is for sleep. Days are not for sleeping, nights are. It’s important for all to be aware of one’s own health.So readers, sleeping at night is important. Take care of your health everyone and have a goodnight sleep accordingly. 




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