12 Most Interesting innovations of 2015


No further intro, let’s see some of the best Interesting innovations of 2015 given below. you can see the video of related innovations too.

12 Interesting innovations of 2015 are ..

1. New Shepard: A rocket that sends tourists to outer space

New Shepard
Launch time: April 2015
It has been launched in April of 2015 to take tourists to space. And on its first chance, it successfully took the tourists to space and gave them the experience of a nice journey so they could remember. The travelers or crews were in a separate lounge, which was later transported safely back to earth through parachuting.

2. Home Smart Lock

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Don’t you feel a bit awkward when your Airbnb guests want keys for their use and you can’t give it to them right away? Yeah, we know. Keys are easy to lose. That problem seems to be getting solved pretty soon. You don’t’ need physical keys anymore to lock your house! August Home Smart Lock gives you a relief from this hassle. You can control through this ultra smart lock the entry and exit in your house using your Smartphone. After you set this lock on your door you can lock and unlock the door with Bluetooth signal sent directly from your Smartphone. The guest in your house will need app in their Smartphones to enter the house, if they don’t have smartphones in that case wifi ad on will allow you to let them in. The August smart lock can keep record of the entry and exit time of your guest. It knows the time exactly when your guest will leave house or check out. So later they cannot enter into your house illegally. This can prevent the unwanted entry in your house. And you control access in your house from anywhere.

3. Amazing Ear Buds

Launch time: December 2015
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I am sure you don’t like the noise coming from nearby construction zone when you are studying for exam. You wish you could go and shut that noise or go somewhere quiet and peaceful.
Doppler labs have brought a new technology for you, new kind of ear buds which helps you out of this awkwardness. It obviously does not work like a hearing aid. Hearing aid decreases or increases all sort of sounds at once. But this ear buds give you the choice of taking or picking particular sounds or frequencies out of many sources of sounds around you. For example, when you are in a concert and your friend is telling something important, you cannot hear because the hullabaloo from the surrounding doesn’t let you hear him. With the help of these ear buds you can choose to hear from him especially and discard the external other noises. This way you can stop sounds coming from all unnecessary sources, like a couple fighting behind your seat when you’re in a plane and taking a nap.

4. Microsoft Hololens

When you are tired of your day to day life, particularly when you are at your office, and had a long tiring day you can try this on. This is a virtual reality lens for you to put on when you want to escape from the ‘real world’. Okay, if this sounds clichéd let us then say ‘boredom’ or ‘tiredness’.
Within a second this hololens can take you to the world of virtual games, in a battle with zombies and robots, into the blue ocean and under water world and what not. It is in the market already. Its designer is Alex Kipman.

5. TZOA Environmental tracker

When it comes to checking out the latest innovations, first of all you might be looking for technological stuffs that make your life easier for you and take a good care of your surroundings. The environment where you live and where you take breath is important for your health. This new TZOA Environmental tracker identifies the causes of allergens in the air, assesses and measures the bad components in air; like dust, pollutant, allergens etc and updates this data so that air can be purified properly. It simply detects pollutants and harmful objects in air and gives reports.

6. Self balancing hoverborad

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Have you checked out the new hoverboard Scooter? If not yet, then perhaps you would like to check it out soon. It is the choice of the young stars nowadays. It is speedy yet an easy going scooter. When you hop on it, you feel comfortable and you don’t fall because the system of this device supports you and helps maintain balance automatically.

7. Drinkable book

Isn’t it amazing that a book can filter water for us so we can drink germ and bacteria free clean water?
There are many places in the world where a part of the population cannot meet their daily needs like hygienic drinking water. In many developing countries a major part of their population cannot afford to have water filter. This new filtering book is here to solve their problem. It cleans the water from harmful objects and bacteria which are life threatening. This amazing innovation has been developed by Teri Dankovich.

8. Garbage clean up project –Operation Pacific Ocean

Every year millions of plastics are dumped in ocean. There are millions of plastic cans and plastic made things in the midst of Pacific ocean. Those are clogged and hard to remove. Wouldn’ it be great if these garbage could all be cleaned? The ocean clean up project is to clean the oceans, This process is ongoing and will continue.

9. Solar Impulse 2

A solar plane named Solar Impulse 2 has been developed and it has already successfully created world record as the longest flying solar powered plane and was in the air for around 118 hours. Its pilot was André Borschberg during its long flight. This is the longest period of time a solar plane spent in the air, flying. This solar plane worked and formed its energy by storing sun power and at night it, stored energy in lithium polymer batteries so it could operate and function during night time.

10. Next Generation Baby Monitor- Sproutling

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If you have a baby or planning for one then there’s a real good news for you and the parents out there who are often worried about the baby’s well being and physical conditions. A new device is in the market for monitoring the baby’s growth, heart rate, body temperature and it will inform its parents through the mobile app. First this observes the baby and tries to understand its nature and behavior patterns. Once it understands the baby’s behavior and other bodily features it monitors the baby and keeps track of its activities and physical concerns like body temperature, movement, position and heart rate etc. It notifies or alarms the baby’s parents if there is any change or reason to be worried about the baby. .

11. Boeing 777X: Energy Efficient Foldable Wings

Boeing’s newly innovated airplane has large wings, which helps minimize the expenditure of energy and fuel as large and spread wings help uplift the plane more easily and in a more efficient way. The wings of this Boeing plane are 235 feet long and are foldable. Larger wings have reduced immensely the cost of fuel and energy that were previously used for a Boeing plane.

12. Hackaball

Coding is no longer limited to the professional programmers. Now even kids will have access to coding. “Many”, a US based digital consulting firm has recently developed Hackaball which will help kids learn coding. This amazing toy Hackaball has link to mobile app. The users will be able to change the color of the ball through programming accordingly. It is getting popular in US not only among the kids, but also among the seniors. Its price is $85 only.


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