10 Most Interesting innovations of 2014


10 Most Interesting innovations of 2014

10 Most interesting innovations of 2014 listed below will give you hope and may inspire you do something good for our society as well.

1. Scio

Scio is the kind of advance technical device that is able to tell you the quantity of Calories in the drink you like most.  Using Scio you can know the ripest fruit and even which fruit tastes sweeter. It is portable and easily and you can hold it easily in your grip. It tells you any molecule composition by scanning plants, food and medicine with in its few seconds of observation. The co-founder of Consumer Physics, Inc, Domian Goldring and Dror Sharon promised to present more new advance technical devices like the Scio in the future.

2. Soccket

Julia Silvermn and Jessica Mathews, two promising young talent, knew that Kinetic energy can be stored through Harnessing. So, they invented The Soccket an Uncharted Play’s product, an extraordinary football which can store the Kinetic energy produced while it is kicked. This soccer ball will be used in the countries which are lagged behind in industrialization as it can store three hours of power, for an LED light from 30 minutes of play.

 3. Solepower

If you are thinking that charging and losing charge of your phone is a reason to headache, the Solepower is the right invention for you. While walking it produces power as it is easily be fitted into your shoe. With this outstanding invention of Solepower tech, this small but smart device is preferable for camping, hiking and traveling and an essential part of the inhabitants of the areas where electricity supply is not incessant.

4. Ring

Imagine, controlling your curtain, TV, light, making payments and sending text messages using your index finger!! Well it is not an imagination now. It is just reality when Logbar Inc invents the Ring, coolest ever inventions which can be matched with any other new technological devices. You can do a lot of other tasks with this smart device as it can read your finger motions including programming of your own by using it and wearing this Ring, surely you will look like a Boss.

5. Smart Contact Lense

As human tear contains Glucose and as tear is complicated object to research, Smart Contact Lense will be reliable device for the diabetic patients to supervise the quantity of Glucose in the tear more accurately, developed by the Google X skunk team who are famous for researching on Google Glass. This Lense is thinner than a human hair and its chip is tinier like particles, can solve the secret of the Glucose in the tear and beware the user about correct amount of Glucose in the tear.

 6. Invisibility Cloaks

Though at first it had its appeal was to the Militaries, invisibility Cloaks is an invisible object used for wrapping an object with an invisible cover. The research scientist of University of Cambridge made a material, which can retaliate light through opposite refraction using an unfixed laser beam, stitching gold dusts, while making them united.

 7. Flexible Batteries

Imprint Energy, a California based manufacturer, invented a battery which is portable, rechargeable, lasts long and is not limited powered like the others as it has made by  Zinc-Polymer. It has opened a new era of power unit as it can store more energy and bendable, more thinner and less costly. Any other sensors wearing in your body, portable electronics and medical equipments enable it to use it with them.

 8. Smartglass for the Blind

The Royal National Institute of Blind People, expects that a Smartglass for short sighted people will be commercially manufactured in 2016. University of Oxford research team, the creator of it, attached a 3D camera which is specially designed to adapt with changeable situations. User will see through the focused, distinguished and maximize projected vision provided by the 3D camera.

9. Bionic Plant

Michael Strano, the team leader of Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT), expressed that, the first Bionic plant of the world, created by his team in March 2014, has the independent capability to adapt in adverse condition. It can fix any damages on it s own, creates its own energy source and capable to supply water. 30% more light suction ability makes it more efficient than natural ability as Carbon Nanotubes are entered through its leaves in the lab. And photosynthesizer makes it more advanced than natural ability of a plant.

 10. The Gravity Light

Designer Jim Reeves and Deciwatt invented a cool gadget called Gravity Light, which makes light without the help of any other power source from outside. Without any interruption, this light gives light for at least 25 minutes and useable to charge other rechargeable devices. Though Kerosine is not considered as a clean fuel, it is used frequently in the developed countries. As Solar Aid, an Africa based seller company of solar equipments, was searching for an alternative fuel of Kerosine. But Deciwatt and Jim Reeves gift Gravity Light, is far better than an alternative to Kerosine which was searching by an Africa based solar equipments seller company Solar Aid. This Gravity Light is reliable to multiple using like camping and hiking.


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